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January 30, 2020.

The host of the American Public Media show Marketplace interviews Burgess Harrison in January of 2020.


This is Marketplace radio.

This is Kai Ryssdal and I’m here in Kihei on the beautiful island of Maui I am meeting with the Harrisons, Burgess and Coralie after a long personal journey. No, I’m not talking about the 8 hours from Minneapolis, Minnesota, no I’m referring to their culmination of their MasterMind journey.

Mastermind you say, what’s that? Well that’s what we are here to find out. Burgess and Coralie, welcome to the program.

BH   Thanks Kai for having us.

KR   So let’s get to it. I could ask you how you got here but first I’d like to know why? I understand that it all started with a 26 week course back in 2014.

BH   Actually, for me it started from the time I was a child. I always felt that I had much to give—creatively, except my creativity is more in the form of ideas and new ways to look at things, problems and life. My problem was I never really had a way to fully tap into who I was until the Mastermind course.

KR   So this Mastermind course, how did you find it?

BH   Funny thing, it found me. Totally unrelated, I happened across a posting on Linkedin in a Maui related group from a fellow named John Kennedy. He had responded to someone looking to move to the island. I also commented and we connected. Make a long story short he introduced me to the Mastermind course. It was the first time that I saw a program of study that dealt with controlling the subconscious and providing a true path of self-discovery. Definitely not self-help.

KR   So connect the dots for me, how does this 26 Mastermind course end up with you here in Maui?

BH   A key part of the course is developing what is called your DMP, Definite Major Purpose. Why are you on the planet, what are you meant to do, how you will do it, when and how does it make you feel.

KR   I can’t let this one go by—so how do you feel?

BH   Great. Thrilled. Focused. Exhilarated. Alive.

KR   Take us through the high points of your journey, or I guess in your case how you brought your DMP to life?

BH   Well Kai, although its only 400 words, it took me a number of weeks to get it right. You have to really think about your purpose along with where you want to be in x number of years. But with enthusiasm and feeling. The course teaches you about the world within and the world without.

KR      You are not 20 any more, doesn’t someone older already know their purpose.

BH   Kai, I would submit that most people don’t really think about their purpose, let alone how to understand it.

KR   Burgess, describe life now as compared to 2014 or before?

BH   Good question. Back in the mid 2000’s I came from literally nowhere.   Broke and broken, I could barely hang on. Even before then I grew up poor and unappreciated just for being me. Ever notice that in any movie where you see an albino they are the bad guys or possess. Think about it. You would think that we are ready for the zombie apocalypse. So in my DMP I thought about what I need to do to give back, and I have.

KR I see that you set up a Twitter feed that brings attention to albinism. How is that going?

BH   Very well. Working with others we bring attention to the continued stereotyping that goes on and then we promote the positive.

KR   You are here now in Maui. What’s life like?

BH   Kai, just look at it. 80 degrees, a wonderful trade wind, clear, clean skies and deep blue ocean. Just heavenly. How can anyone say there isn’t a god. We live between Maui and Minnesota. In the colder months we live here and then back to St Paul during the summer and fall. Minnesota in the summer is just beautiful and the fall foliage can be stunning.

KR   You say you are living at your highest potential. Do find that uncommon?

BH   Most people don’t even know what their passion is or what they really want to do with their lives regardless of how old they are. The DMP forced me to focus, dig deep and articulate my passion and purpose in a clear, decisive and enthusiastic manner and as important with dates and feeling.

KR   Bottom line it for me, where are you now?

BH   Coralie and I happily split our time between St Paul, MN and here in Kihei. We were able to secure a home here on the island and have our vintage home in St Paul.   I have been using my extensive experience in technology, marketing, business development, sponsorships, PR and new products to help others. I recognized that I have coached and consulted all my life in various ways, my DMP helped me to formalize that into a plan. Also in that plan I realized that I needed to allow for my spiritual work, contribution to my faith and celebrating my love and partnership with my wife.

KR   Burgess, forgive me but I have to ask, are you having fun?

BH   The short answer is yes. First, we give to get meaning we help people, give of our time, finances, our intellect and spirit. We do this without regard for getting some thing back. But we do but it comes back in a different way. I have to tell you, however, that it just feels good to give and feeling good can only help you be better which is a gift in and of itself.

KR   Giving to get, makes sense. I get it.

BH   The short answer is yes. First, we give to get meaning we help people, give of our time, finances, our intellect and spirit. We do this without regard for getting some thing back. But we do but it comes back in a different way. I have to tell you, however, that it just feels good to give and feeling good can only help you be better which is a gift in and of itself.

KR   Giving to get, makes sense. I get it. But what’s it like to have self actualized your life and now living it every day?

BH Kai, it’s an indescribable feeling…but it can be described through the depth of emotion of happiness, fulfillment, anticipation of each new day, the real joy that comes from giving just because. And getting to live in paradise. Not much more you can say about that. We make sure that we put our faith first.   I always wanted recognition but not in the way you are thinking. Not fame but recognition of my creative expression that comes from personal referrals from others who are delighted with my consultation.

KR   Ok…sounds good but still, where’s the fun?

BH   This will probably sound nerdy but I like my tech toys, my iPhone 10 and iPad Air 6. Of that quadrocopter is fun too. Seriously…or seriously funny, we enjoy a nice trip to Europe, the Virgin Islands, Canada, Bermuda, or Caymans at least once each year and as I said before, we like to give. We entertain small groups. Simple things.

KR   Now that sounds like fun. Now we sit here in the lap of paradise how else are you fulfilling your purpose?

BH   From a business perspective I work with companies and people that need and want strategic consultation to rethink their brand, new product or enterprise. Kai, reality is if you need a creative idea—I’m your guy. My brain is always thinking. I jot down ideas on my iPhone note pad all the time.

Usually they solve a problem or challenge or make things easier.

KR   Can you give the audience an example.

BH   Sure, for example I think that there are millions of people that just won’t pay to see an R rated movie for their own personal spiritual reasons. For some reason, Hollywood thinks that the director’s vision must be seen but they fail to recognize that this audience will never see that vision anyway so why not release both versions in the theater at the same time as well as both versions at the time of the DVD release. Here’s one. I’m a big fan of the wireless Sonos speaker system. If I were them I would have outdoor speaker enclosures, lighting enhanced sound and other accessories to extend and enhance their use.

KR   Interesting. Seems like you are, as they say, living the dream?

BH   Actually Kai, living my dream…or better yet, I made the dream come true. Because I was able to harness my subs conscience and developed the right habits I was able to first conceptualize and articulate my major purpose in very definitive terms and precise dates. But it was changing those bad habits into good habits and making it instinctive that really turned the corner. Not putting things off and living life, not in quite despair as so many do but with real feeling and enthusiasm, knowing I am doing my best, not just the best I can do.

KR   There you have it, Burgess Harrison living his dream, or should I say purpose, between the paradise of Maui and the Midwestern jewel of the Twin Cities.


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