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Week 15 part 2

I was reading 1 John 2:16. where John mentioned “the desire of the eyes” as an enticement. The expression suggests that one can begin desiring something by simply looking at it. Hmmmm. Clearly the power of visualizing is — sorry for the repetition-powerful.

I created my Ben Franklin Makeover list and organization is the big area of focus for me so I am looking for positive displays of organization, It’s below zero here and wi d chills in the -20’s so my brain and eyes might be frozen. 🙂 but I will be on the look out for process, order and organization.

I did get back into work to my office being a bit neater and cleaner so I will take the positive from that as a way to start the process and my day. I am thankful for our roads, signs and traffic system. It keeps thousands of vehicles moving mostly without incident. A marvel in organization.

So I am in the lookout for all things organized. More to come.

I wanna be like Stu

Written by one of my LinkedIn contacts, Tara Jaye Frank, VP of Diversity for Hallmark

This piece embodies and speaks to a number of the principles that we are learning. Never give up, persistence, the power of support and being in harmony with others, and doing your best are just a few. Stuart Scott was an ESPN host that recently passed from cancer.
See what you think.

I wanna be like Stu:

I admit it. I’m not a big sports gal. When my colleagues use sports analogies, I only catch 50% of them. I prefer organic metaphors—roots, trees, seeds, growth. Stuff like that. But because I have a husband and sons who like sports, I find myself watching ESPN at least a little every day.

While my brain is only marginally up to speed with the sports world, my heart joins it in mourning the passing of Stuart Scott. In reading about him and watching him over the years, I’ve found inspiration in the true leader that Stuart Scott was and will continue to be. The personal lessons inherent in Stuart’s life are obvious, but there are several leadership insights to be gleaned from his journey as well. Here are a few I’m reflecting on today, and felt inspired to share.

1. Authenticity = Innovation

Stuart was unashamedly himself. He was talented, knowledgeable, experienced, youthful, and culturally transparent. Even when his colleagues thought his style might be too much for viewers, he brought his whole self to the screen anyway. He didn’t leave his culture behind, or “wear a mask” to conceal his uniqueness, his manner of speaking, his energy…his one-of-a-kind flair. He was himself. And for the most part, viewers loved it, and him. Stuart energized the network and brought a new voice to the sports world. His authenticity became ESPN’s innovation.

2. Pursuit of Excellence > Odds

This morning Stuart’s colleagues talked about working alongside him while he was sick. They recalled how he would sometimes nod off between recording sessions. But when the red light turned on, so would he. What does it feel like to be so committed to your purpose that you self-generate in order to do it well? That you “wake up” to deliver your best, even when the odds are against you? Stuart Scott was determined to get the job done with the level of excellence he had become known for…in the face of the most difficult form of resistance.

3. Living Loud = Living Well

Stuart didn’t let his greatest challenge rob him of his will to live. I’m sure he had moments of weakness, but he seemed to know that while life itself is worthy of our gratitude, choosing to live it fully becomes the true gift. As his illness took its toll, he continued to engage his body in physical activity. He kept working. Fathering. Loving. Inspiring others. In his 2014 Jimmy V award acceptance speech, Stuart reminded us all to “Live. Fight like hell. And when you get too tired to fight, lie down and rest and let somebody else fight for you.” Which leads me to the last insight.

4. We Are Better Together

Toward the end of his ESPY speech, Stuart remarked, “This whole fight, this journey thing is not a solo venture. This is something that requires support.” The same is true for those of us in leadership. I’m constantly reminded of how much we truly need each other. Human beings are interconnected…we each have skills that are strengthened when combined. The higher you ascend, the more people you need in your corner. Build relationships. Be generous with your talents and your insight, and welcome support from others as well.

While I may not be the most qualified to comment on the life and times of Stuart Scott as an anchor and sportscaster, he was a human being first. And from the little I do know, a darn good one at that. It’s always beneficial to remember our own personal power. Stuart Scott modeled this truth for all of us. Wishing you and yours wellness in the New Year, and a healthy dose of introspection.

Week 15. Feeling the rhythm, feeling the ride….

I have seen three of the four movies in the past but I re-watched Cool Runnings for the assignment this week. An unlikely team of runners competing in the most unlikely Olympic sport for them–bobsledding. Truly an inspirational film on so many levels.

They had to change their entire perspective just to get the opportunity to compete. Sand to ice.

Attempted something that had never been done but they believed that they could

They visualized winning and overcame insurmountable odds that the literal mind could not fathom. They had to change their whole way of thinking.

There’s a mirror scene where one play is coached to utilize the power inside himself–they learn to look and see pride and power that wont take crap from anyone. Of course I am reminded that you have to have the will, determination and belief backed up with practice of the right things.

The film is a strong reminder that we all have to look inside– to the power within in order to have a chance to aspire to our true goals and desires.

We learn that the coach had made winning his whole life but along the way he lost his way. During an inspirational moment the coach says to a team member –If you are not enough without it, you will never be enough with it.” meaning you have to have a purpose that is true to you and winning is only the icing on the cake, otherwise it means nothing. We all see some many people with great wealth that are as far from happy as one can imagine.

Cool Runnings is a metaphor for life in so many ways. Creating a DMP–get to the Olympics and represent their country–first through track but through a turn of events–bobsledding.

So I watched Rudy again. Another great one. Rudy did every and anything he had to do to get to and play on the Norte Dame team. Believe just pure through every moment. Believing in those things unseen–faith is the fiber that binds every second of this film. Even when Rudy has to try to set up a girl that is out of his league for a friend he has not fear. Even though he is not a student he acts as though he is a student. Living his future self so to speak and putting himself in student situations whenever he can. Shining the team helmets is good enough for him to see, touch, smell and see his dream. He walked in the steps of his future self each and every day believing with every breath.

We see Rudy as compared to his brother who went to work in the factory-living his father’s safe dream and never knowing his own purpose. And even though he only got to play in two plays at the very end of the game he lived and stepped into his dream.

I was struck by how his team mates played a key role. Much like the concept of masterminding. As we have learned, we need to have two or more acting in harmony as part of our process in attaining our goals.

In Cool Runnings, the Jamaican team was grateful to represent their country. Rudy, however didn’t grasp gratefulness until the end. He missed the benefits of all that he had accomplished during his quest to play for ND.

After re-seeing these two movies I am certainly feeling the rhythm, feeling the ride….

Week 14. Gratitude expressed in some many ways.

I saw a few things this week that reinforce everything we are doing.

First, I noticed that there is a Happy App for iPhone.  Yup.

Happier by Happier, Inc.

Very much like we are learning to be grateful by writing several things each day we are thankful for each day into our flip cards.  Hmmmm.

I am  thinking about getting some business cards that express love (Agape) with my contact info and MKMMA links.  What a way to spread this powerful thought.

I have been thinking about gratitude.  Not long ago I had nothing.  Now I have a wonderful wife and home and goo d job.  So much to give thanks for.  But it’s those small things like being able to put gas in the car.  A good and healthy meal.  Water.  I believe that water will become a big issue soon in many parts of the world, even here in the US.  In California they are literally pumping away their future water by drilling into aquifers.  Reminds me that I need to drink more each day.  It’s one of my goals.

I am grateful that I can have time to sit still and think. Many people have so many pressures of the day that they have no time whatsoever.  I am grateful.  I give thanks that I have education and access to more such as this course.  I have to use it and apply it more.

I love cards.  They are a great way to express thanks to those yo know and who do things for you or just to say hello and be in touch.  An app called Felt is a great way to use your own photos as a card and have them mailed for you.  At the end of the day it’s the same price as if you bought a $.299 card and mailed it.  They have a special going now for 30% off.

I love this and it helps to support my photography passion.  I get to use my photos as cards.  I feel good while expressing my gratitude to others.  I also use my Maui pictures which serves to reinforce my DMP every time use them.  A real win-win.

I am sure that there are more ways and tools that can support our efforts to be grateful.  And I am thankful to all those that have stopped by my humble blog with comments of support and insights.  Thank you to one and all.  I know it takes time and I am appreciative.  I hope that my comments are helpful as well to the blogs that I visit.   To a loving and grateful 2015 and beyond to one and all.  Substitute positive for negative and hopefully we can eliminate the negative entirely.  Wouldn’t that be nice.  Help us prefect the skill of persistence and practice and truly learn that we can will it to become.  It is within all of us.  Week 15 here we come.


Week 13. Do the math. It positively adds up in your favor….

I was reminded this week by another  MKMMAer, Sarah, of God’s hand in everything.

A while back I learned about the The Fibonacci Sequence. It’s math but it’s found in nature all the time. For example rabbits multiplying, patterns in pineapples, etc. Fibonacci Sequences the series of numbers:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, …

The next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it.

The 2 is found by adding the two numbers before it (1+1)
Similarly, the 3 is found by adding the two numbers before it (1+2),
And the 5 is (2+3),
and so on!

As we end one year and think ahead to a new one I am grateful to have  been introduced to the Master Keys by John Kennedy, thank you John.  John is following the principle that the more you give the more you get.