Week 19. Still Believing

As we pass the mind point of the course and winter I look out th window and we are getting freezing rain and snow.  A reminder that to make  it through we will encounter roadblocks, storms and other hinderances that are internal and eternal.  The Mastermind course we are on is a journey of a lifetime and our course is a wonderful map to help guide us to our major purpose.

The snow and sleet cause accidents and treacherous travel.  Navigation is hard.  We are challenged to keep our eyes on the road and not be distracted by the other cars that are off the road in a ditch.  On this day and days like it, slow and steady wins the race.  Keeping a keen sense of our surroundings as well.

Not a day goes by that I am not telling someone about my journey and the value it has been and will be to me and Coralie.  Some get it instantly while others need to be educated.  Unfortunately, they still don’t get it.  But I don’t let that discourage me –not one bit.  The mission is to important.  I am watching the movie “I Am’ this week.  More on that in another post once I finish.  The assignment build, enhance and develop what we are learning.  Seeing the principles portrayed in other media is very helpful and serves to give another perspective to the material and brings it to life.

I tried to help a homeless person this week by buying her some food.  She didn’t want the pizza that I was trying to purchase for her–which was odd. She really pressed o go to a diner.  I went in but the diner would not serve her because she, in their opinion, was a troublemaker.  It wasn’t that she was homeless but had done things where they banned her.  We parted ways but at least I tried.  I have learned that giving people cash only feeds bad habits.

I continue to be grateful for all things, good and bad and roll with whatever comes my way trying to see he enlightenment.  I look at Coralie everyday and I am so, so thankful that she is in my life as a partner.  There are not enough words to express my thanks.  We think so much alike.  Not a day goes by when we see or hear something and often come to the same thought or conclusion.

I look forward to each week of new material and how Mark, Fab D and Trish break it down for us.  I feel so full and alive after each webinar.  I keep marching on toward my DMP and asking what my future self would do or react.  That’s powerful.  So each day continue to progress and believe and always keep your promise.

I always keep my promises.



Week 18. The Business of Hugging

First let me start by saying…love is contagious and I know because after Mark did his “hugs” video McDonalds is following suit with a promotion on February 2.  Here’s the commercial.


It is truly so serendipitous.  Can’t believe it. It reminds of when the Fab D talked about buying a car and then seeing that same car everywhere.  Love is truly in the air.  I wonder if some of the ad folks for McDonalds are MKMMAers.

So we have been doing the Makeover for the past couple of weeks.  This week I had a challenge that I didn’t handle very well.  The family in Wendy’s ahead of me had a problem with their credit card but i didn’t know that right away since they had left the counter before I arrived.  In any case I was in a different line when I could hear the clerk interacting with them.  End result, they walked out.  I knew what I had to do, wanted to do but I hesitated  and they were gone.  That missed opportunity pay it forward and do a good deed really stuck with me.  I felt bad the rest of the day and surprisingly enough it lingered into the next day.

I was reminded that there are opportunities for good and love everywhere all around us.  But more than just seeing them we have to be ready to act upon them.  I think that I have always been a decent person, at least from my perspective.  But the makeover has made me rethink that and realize the I can be better.

As I take this journey life is challenging.  That said, I am grateful each and every day because there was  a time when I didn’t have anything or any prospects or so I thought.  I scrapped by minute by minute, day by day being thankful for the very smallest things.  As I got back on me feet I continued to be thankful but I can see that as the cabinets are full, gas in the car and a roof over my head I have become complacent and not as expressive of my thanks.  The makeover is helping and this course is helping me get back to my roots.

So I try to send texts just to say hello.  I thanked people for coming to our party because I truly appreciated their association and fellowship.  I periodically send a random text to an old contact.  I try to say thank you to each new Linkedin connection.  I use the Felt app to send my own greeting card so it’s a little more from the heart and personal as well as unique.  I am working on not giving opinions but continue to give my help, advice and assistance whenever I can.

So i will seek out and take every opportunity that  can to do good.  To love and hug and show true caring.  Giving to give.  Sure you can give to get but let’s give to give and the get is the gift of love and spreading love which makes our lives worthwhile and the world a better place.  When I see corporate America embracing  love, wow, it has to be powerful because they wouldn’t do it if was’t good for the bottom line.  So when you see the McDonalds commercial think about what we are learning and putting it into action in our own lives each and every minute.  Where McDonalds is using a commercial we have the opportunity and responsibility to make our own, one on one, each and every day.

Dreams are made…

Check out Russell Wilson in the series of American Family Insurance ads.  In one he says that what you need for success is already inside us.  In another he speaks about dreams are made…and that’s what we are doing.  A great reminder to focus and stay the course as well as practice and preserve.  Regardless of your team affiliation–you can’t argue with the message.  Dreams come true because you make them come true.   Believe.

Week 17. Focus on being focused.

I was in my chiropractor’s office this week.  As I waited I continued to be on the lookout for discipline.  Tanya handing the front desk in an orderly and precise manner for example.  This week I noticed–not happily–how monthly bills from the local utility come right on time, month after month.  Oh well.

Discipline surrounds us we just have to keep our eyes open to see it.  Me, however, it can be harder of those of us that don;’t naturally gravitate to being as disciplined as we should be and know to be.  I know what to do but just don’t do it.  This approach to the makeover for me is a very good way to look at disciple in a new way.

In keeping my DMP in mind and have begun activities and tasks that will get me closer to it.  In the quest to achieve my DMP I am finding that putting good out into the world is critically important.  We can’t be successful in the world without the help of others.  To this end I am reaching out to other MKMMA’s in MN to mastermind together where we can and support our collective efforts.  I see my DMP every day, throughout the day with he tools that we have been given and them some.  Being positive so I can get positive back is so important. I’ll be honest, not succumbing to negative thoughts is a challenge.  It’s so easy to fall into the negative trap.

As I read some of the other blogs this week I sensed a theme of focus.  Focus, focus, and more focus.  Keep your eye on the prize–your DMP..  To get there we need to focus on the positive.  Give to get.  When things swing negative we have to think positive and the list goes on.  It’s just like your camera.  You have to focus in and lock on the right thing.

I am still looking for and being kind.  I went out of my way to help some people today.  They appreciated it as did I.  I believe that I gave a friend some solid advice to help him with his taxes.  (of course with the disclaimer that they should consult with their tax professional. 🙂  )   I could see that he was beginning to think differently.

I continue to be amazed and thankful for what we are learning but more importantly how we are executing on what we learn.  We are at week 17, only 9 to go.  Fro this phase.  These are tools and techniques, however, that we will be using for the rest of our lives.  It is so refreshing.

Week 16- Plan on being randomly kind. Its good for the soul

I really like this week. It’s funny but I came up with a random act of kindness business, app and ecosystem idea a number of years ago. I even pitched it to a superstar. Point being, random acts of kindness have always been a part of me.

Giving to get just makes sense. Now I have valid science send data to back me up. That’s powerful.

It has been hard, however, to do some in secret. Doing kind things comes naturally. I hope that doesn’t come off like bragging. I just like the feeling it gives and that comes from giving of yourself. I actually like to do things without recognition but at times I have felt that I didn’t want someone to get the wrong idea. I learned a lesson once when I tried to leave chocolate for a girl I had just met but she didn’t appreciate it. It was too much too soon. 🙂

Last night, the woman in front of me was standing and had placed her iPad on her seat. I noticed it and just before she sat on it I was able to grab it. I apologized so she didn’t think I was being fresh. It was such a great feeling. I know that she was happy as well.

I have found that when you feel that you are low, doing something for some else can be a great way to improve your mood and outlook. And if you make part of who you are good things will come from it. I have no idea when or how but that’s not the point. You do because it’s the right thing to do. When it comes to random acts of kindness–a little dab will do ya.

Positively grateful.

Positive–With the gray days that we have in Minnesota it is extra hard to be positive some times.  I think of Hawaii as one way to get me through.  Also doing something for others helps as well.  I am looking forward to the Kindness this week.

Gratitude –Went to visit my wife’s mother this week who is in a care facility.  We are so thankful about her having the opportunity to be here considering where she was  a couple of years ago.

Sell Organized– I kept looking for examples of organization.  i had to put together a plan for work using Excel which is probably the temple of organization.

DMP–I keep working toward my DMP.  My brain was firing last night thinking about reducing my mortgage in away to help me get closer to realizing my DMP.  The brain was going so hard I woke up this morning thinking about it.  I also  reached out to a few folks that will be important to my DMP.  So balls are in motion.

I have begun to really fulfill my purpose.  I reached out to Albinos across the world this past week via Facebook and made connections with 50 so far.

Twitter–I am using twitter to make connections.  There are a few MKMMA folks in my area and looking to make connections.