Greetings. My entire life has been filled with ideas. Big ones and small ones. In my case many of my ideas stem from challenges that I encounter in every day life. I see situations and say, “why does it have to be this way?” For example, I often accompany my wife while she shops. Clothes, housewares and of course shoes. I notice that other spouses or significant others are also in toe. As the men wait we meander around the store, play on our smartphones and generally look bored and desperately want to be someplace else.

So where’s the big idea in waiting?

In advertising it’s a known fact that reaching men can be difficult. So why not reach them while they are a captive audience? How? Perhaps free wifi for starters and capture some basic info at the splash page. Sign them up so they can earn something for their significant other. That would be a double benefit.

Advertising could be more in an advertorial and educational approach. Content that is interesting to men but helps them have a better relationship at the same time. The point is to engage with men as they are a captive audience.

This blog will be my way to convey some of the many ideas that come to me everyday. Some will be better than others. Some won’t make any sense but I believe that all them in some way can be a spark, a launch pad for further creative thinking.

Join me in exploring and celebrating the creative spirit. Let’s ride.


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