People think of me as a creative and results-oriented Marketing Strategist with years of experience driving innovative marketing, public relations, branding, advertising, and business development efforts for startup and high-growth organizations in fast-paced B2C, B2B, telecom, software, and healthcare technology environments. Consistently exceeds business, sales, and profit objectives by effectively managing teams and programs within budget requirements. Strong aptitude for strategizing successful business plans that open new markets, increase clients base, and generate millions of dollars in venture capital. Leverages technology savvy to produce fresh and bold ideas in the development and promotion of new products, services, and markets.

Ok now for the real me now that I am MKMMA-ing.

I live life and perform at my highest personal potential. I am happiest helping others strategize to improve their lives, businesses or personal brands. (in-particular those with albinism)  I help them through creative but reasoned advice and counsel in our mutual quest to achieve our goals and use our uniqueness as an asset.

I am thrilled that i am recognized for my passion for marketing, branding and creative advisory abilities. I feel a great sense of reward that my expertise and consulting help lives as they drive personal, professional, business growth. Recognition of my creative expression is derived through personal referrals from others who are delighted with my consultation abilities.  All of which, one day will be done between Minnesota and Maui.  Maui feeds my soul and uplifts my spirit revitalizing and refreshing me exponentially. Perhaps it’s the sun, the water, the air, the food or people.  Regardless–Maui is a part of me.


I do things now, continually reminding myself of my purpose to help people with albinism and businesses with my creative spirit and strategic thinking.  This assistance is demonstrated through consultation on business plans, creative campaigns and promotions as well as strategic partnerships.

I laugh every day and incite others to laugh.  I appreciate and give thanks for all of Jehovah’s creations and respect the gifts that he provides. I can breath knowing I am provided with freedom and independence to devote to my wife, our faith and those endeavors that enrich us spiritually, emotionally, financially, intellectually, physically and bring us and others joy.



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