Week 25 — my take away and now  my time to give back

I took time a few weeks ago to jot down some of the words and concepts that we have heard and learned during the course.   It’s raw and rough but captures some of the highlights:

Much gathers more

Do it Now
Giddy up 
That which you identify will multiply 
Gratitude is s cause 
Will to become 
Dig in
Future self 
Your powerful beyond measure
Give more get more
Mind Gym
Create your new reality
Move your shapes
Knowledge does not apply itself 
Touch your shape
I always keep my promises 
The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
News Flash–New Years resolutions don’t work 
Follow your compass
“You must first have the knowledge of your power; 
second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”
Start looking for a way in…
Abundance is a natural law of the Universe.
Subby — deliciously delightful determined 
Ant eats tiger–/One small thing daily.   OSTD
Quarter to bliss ….  (Bliss creamer)
Substitute and Let it go…
if it’s hard to let it go…substitute
it’s all about karma 
So many live lives of quiet desperation
if u r not enough now you won’t have enough then
First class.   u were made first class 
Say “I love You” to everyone 
Bring the love be the love
Give love away 
Natures greatest miracle 
Give yourself permission 
You r more than enough
Thought is the only reality 
The single eye
Let go
You are  the light of the world 
The land returns what u plant 
Awareness is the beginning of change 
Educo. get your educo on
The perfect you is already in you
Do the work
The diamonds are in you
Thoughts that fire together wire together 
What you think about grows
Weight loss. — think about moderation
Knowledge does not apply itself 
God is good 
There are diamonds in you — bedazzle yourself 
Scared and excited are the same. it’s the feeling you attach.  Dual thought 
Greatest. getting the most out of your full potential  (Wooden)
Do or do not–there is no trying 
Make someone’s job easier 
Let go of the banana 
Scary wonderful
Not gonna die–but u will die (but its a good thing)
The golden budda
Self help — don’t tell u how 
drowning in info
dying of thirst for wisdom
MKMMA quenches the thirst. from within 
find gold under cement-/ it’s never done 
Fashion comes and goes. Principles endure
Rocky and Bowinkle
Fox and hedgehog


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