Week 23…The law of growth is kicking in

Can’t believe that it’s week 23.  And yes I believe.  The last week or so has been extremely challenge inc on a personal and professional level.  Everything we are learning and have learned is being put to the test.  At the nd of the day I have to believe.

It sort of like when you go on a roller coaster and have faith that you are not going to go off the tracks.

One of the challenges has been trying to deal with a family member about a very serious health care issue.  Rather then be willing to discuss and debate he chose to shut us out.  I am reminded that we are all on our own path and as such it is up to each of us to listen to our own hearts and make our own decisions.  But in actuality our subconscious is making the decision.  So in this case with my father in law we are really struggling with his subconscious.  

So Coralie and I have to remember to step back, live our lives in the best way possible.  Take the observer role…being nonjudgmental.  We are right in the midst of this and it’s hard but we are being taught in real time because it is truly out of our hands.

On another note I am being forced into being and knowing who I am.  I didn’t plan it but circumstances are such that I am having to make certain choices and decisions.  I can fall into old habits and blueprints or follow my dharma and true purpose.  

What’s amazing is that all this is coming after almost completing the course.  The law of growth is manifesting itself.  It just interesting that it’s happening now and not last year.  How wonderful is the universe?  

More on all of this as it unfolds over the next few weeks. 


One thought on “Week 23…The law of growth is kicking in

  1. I appreciated seeing you ‘be’ the observer, noting and taking action; impacting not only your behavior, but that of those around you. Congratulations! Many of us are realizing this is a process. Even when we try to stop or reverse we continue to move–either in the direction of the cement Buddha [old peptides]–or another direction of our choice. I believe we MKMMAers are truly blessed to be aware of our choices. Thanks for sharing.


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