Week 20. The Comfort Zone is our Twilight Zone

We learned about how Fear, Guilt, Hurt Feelings Anger and Unworthiness and how to turn these negatives into positives.  IT got me thinking that negative energy can be very strong and powerful.  We allow it to be so.  The Fab D reminds us that we live the life that we choose.  Everything we do is a choice and the things we don’t do, that’s a choice too.  What’s scary is not seeing how our comfort zone is controlling us.  Allowing life to control us rather then taking the bull by the horns and taking our own control.

Rod Serling could do a number of episodes about our comfort zone.  In fact many thrillers actually play and use on our comfort zone and turn them around to create fear.  In effect our comfort zone is a trap to all of us and our progression.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not happening overnight but I am looking at things differently.  We a personal situation arise this week and instead of fearing it, we took it head on.  Reached out to others for help and indeed put it into proper perspective.  Guilt that would have arisen from it was put in its place.  Becoming conformable with the fact that we are not hear to please everyone.  Doing the right thing is not going to make everyone happy.

I also continued work on multi-tasking.  Yes, I still multitask but I am doing it less and less.  The mere fact that I think about it is great progress for me.  I am grateful for that progress.

The cold is grips the upper midwest.  My wife and I hate it but it also serves as a constant reminder of my DMP and that I need to stay focused on its implementation and execution.  The colder it gets the more real Maui looks.  From the pain of the cold rises that stronger desire to make my DMP real.

I am loving the comments in the Alliance zone.  I need to fully utilize it and use it more.  There are so many good ideas and suggest there from which to feed on.  A true blessing.


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