Week 17. Focus on being focused.

I was in my chiropractor’s office this week.  As I waited I continued to be on the lookout for discipline.  Tanya handing the front desk in an orderly and precise manner for example.  This week I noticed–not happily–how monthly bills from the local utility come right on time, month after month.  Oh well.

Discipline surrounds us we just have to keep our eyes open to see it.  Me, however, it can be harder of those of us that don;’t naturally gravitate to being as disciplined as we should be and know to be.  I know what to do but just don’t do it.  This approach to the makeover for me is a very good way to look at disciple in a new way.

In keeping my DMP in mind and have begun activities and tasks that will get me closer to it.  In the quest to achieve my DMP I am finding that putting good out into the world is critically important.  We can’t be successful in the world without the help of others.  To this end I am reaching out to other MKMMA’s in MN to mastermind together where we can and support our collective efforts.  I see my DMP every day, throughout the day with he tools that we have been given and them some.  Being positive so I can get positive back is so important. I’ll be honest, not succumbing to negative thoughts is a challenge.  It’s so easy to fall into the negative trap.

As I read some of the other blogs this week I sensed a theme of focus.  Focus, focus, and more focus.  Keep your eye on the prize–your DMP..  To get there we need to focus on the positive.  Give to get.  When things swing negative we have to think positive and the list goes on.  It’s just like your camera.  You have to focus in and lock on the right thing.

I am still looking for and being kind.  I went out of my way to help some people today.  They appreciated it as did I.  I believe that I gave a friend some solid advice to help him with his taxes.  (of course with the disclaimer that they should consult with their tax professional. 🙂  )   I could see that he was beginning to think differently.

I continue to be amazed and thankful for what we are learning but more importantly how we are executing on what we learn.  We are at week 17, only 9 to go.  Fro this phase.  These are tools and techniques, however, that we will be using for the rest of our lives.  It is so refreshing.


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