Positively grateful.

Positive–With the gray days that we have in Minnesota it is extra hard to be positive some times.  I think of Hawaii as one way to get me through.  Also doing something for others helps as well.  I am looking forward to the Kindness this week.

Gratitude –Went to visit my wife’s mother this week who is in a care facility.  We are so thankful about her having the opportunity to be here considering where she was  a couple of years ago.

Sell Organized– I kept looking for examples of organization.  i had to put together a plan for work using Excel which is probably the temple of organization.

DMP–I keep working toward my DMP.  My brain was firing last night thinking about reducing my mortgage in away to help me get closer to realizing my DMP.  The brain was going so hard I woke up this morning thinking about it.  I also  reached out to a few folks that will be important to my DMP.  So balls are in motion.

I have begun to really fulfill my purpose.  I reached out to Albinos across the world this past week via Facebook and made connections with 50 so far.

Twitter–I am using twitter to make connections.  There are a few MKMMA folks in my area and looking to make connections.


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