Week 15 part 2

I was reading 1 John 2:16. where John mentioned “the desire of the eyes” as an enticement. The expression suggests that one can begin desiring something by simply looking at it. Hmmmm. Clearly the power of visualizing is — sorry for the repetition-powerful.

I created my Ben Franklin Makeover list and organization is the big area of focus for me so I am looking for positive displays of organization, It’s below zero here and wi d chills in the -20’s so my brain and eyes might be frozen. 🙂 but I will be on the look out for process, order and organization.

I did get back into work to my office being a bit neater and cleaner so I will take the positive from that as a way to start the process and my day. I am thankful for our roads, signs and traffic system. It keeps thousands of vehicles moving mostly without incident. A marvel in organization.

So I am in the lookout for all things organized. More to come.


One thought on “Week 15 part 2

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and hearing of your awareness of organization. I was watching the snow fall last night and marveled at how organized they are, how methodical and persistent. All the best to your journey of organization.


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