Week 14. Gratitude expressed in some many ways.

I saw a few things this week that reinforce everything we are doing.

First, I noticed that there is a Happy App for iPhone.  Yup.

Happier by Happier, Inc.

Very much like we are learning to be grateful by writing several things each day we are thankful for each day into our flip cards.  Hmmmm.

I am  thinking about getting some business cards that express love (Agape) with my contact info and MKMMA links.  What a way to spread this powerful thought.

I have been thinking about gratitude.  Not long ago I had nothing.  Now I have a wonderful wife and home and goo d job.  So much to give thanks for.  But it’s those small things like being able to put gas in the car.  A good and healthy meal.  Water.  I believe that water will become a big issue soon in many parts of the world, even here in the US.  In California they are literally pumping away their future water by drilling into aquifers.  Reminds me that I need to drink more each day.  It’s one of my goals.

I am grateful that I can have time to sit still and think. Many people have so many pressures of the day that they have no time whatsoever.  I am grateful.  I give thanks that I have education and access to more such as this course.  I have to use it and apply it more.

I love cards.  They are a great way to express thanks to those yo know and who do things for you or just to say hello and be in touch.  An app called Felt is a great way to use your own photos as a card and have them mailed for you.  At the end of the day it’s the same price as if you bought a $.299 card and mailed it.  They have a special going now for 30% off.


I love this and it helps to support my photography passion.  I get to use my photos as cards.  I feel good while expressing my gratitude to others.  I also use my Maui pictures which serves to reinforce my DMP every time use them.  A real win-win.

I am sure that there are more ways and tools that can support our efforts to be grateful.  And I am thankful to all those that have stopped by my humble blog with comments of support and insights.  Thank you to one and all.  I know it takes time and I am appreciative.  I hope that my comments are helpful as well to the blogs that I visit.   To a loving and grateful 2015 and beyond to one and all.  Substitute positive for negative and hopefully we can eliminate the negative entirely.  Wouldn’t that be nice.  Help us prefect the skill of persistence and practice and truly learn that we can will it to become.  It is within all of us.  Week 15 here we come.



2 thoughts on “Week 14. Gratitude expressed in some many ways.

  1. Gratitude. What an awesome way to end out the old year and begin the new! I feel grateful just from reading your post! Thank you for sharing.


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