Week 12 Life’s small victories and heartfelt gratitude

It’s normal as the end of the year approaches to reflect on the past and look forward to the new year We have heard a lot about resolutions. 🙂 I will say that this has been truly an experience as I put all of what we learn into focus and action. Action is the key. I spent the last few days getting my lifetime successes and achievements down. I even found a program that I can carry them on my iPhone in flash cards. This is helpful for me anyway. I also have about 10-15 things on another deck that I am eternally grateful for i life. My Coralie, our home, our vacations, etc.

I am reminded, however, when I had a period of being really down and out. Not two nickels to rub together. Besides my faith what got me through was feeling blessed for even the smallest things. One day I would have Jello and the next day I would have a different flavor and I was so thankful for that ne flavor. Thankful for life and air. Thankful that things were not worse because they could be. Thankful and grateful for health. I had to sell a lot and I was so thankful that I had a couple things of value that I could sell.

To help me remember my DMP and using all my senses I keep on the look out for things. A big part of my goal includes Maui so I bring back a bag full of soaps. The sent really helps to bring Maui into my brain. i like the idea that Mark has about the pineapple flavored water. We have dinners with Mahi Mahi and a mango relish that Coralie makes and it certainly is a wonderful physical and aromatic reminder of Maui. I have a yellow bar of Maui soap. The color and shape together are wonderful brain stimulators.

Even the shower helps. While on Maui we can take outdoor showers at the house that we rent. Each shower at home is a reminder of those outdoor Maui showers. If you have not had an outdoor shower you are really missing a treat in life that costs nothing but delivers huge dividends.

So go forth and shower….


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