Week 11. The Aloha State of Mind continues and grows


We are just about to head home from a wonderful vacation in Maui.  I can’t tell you how therapeutic it is to visit.  We learn new things about ourselves and the island each time we visit.  This time, however, with my DMP top of mind the visit had new mining and purpose.  My eyes were open and mind receptive to new thoughts of how to achieve what I have been writing, verbalizing and visualizing for weeks now.

I look seriously at properties but in a realistic perspective.  In fact yesterday, out of the blue, a door was opened to an opportunity that I did not expect.  We may not act on that but the mere fact that because of my DMP my purpose is out there in the world and I am talking about it.

Things are coming together-in spite of me!

I really appreciate all of the support and comments that I am receiving along the way from my fellow cohorts.  Thank you.  My blog has been lighter these last two weeks because I on vacation but back in the saddle shortly. my deal with my spouse is to not be on the computer of phone much while away.  We also don’t watch any TV either.  Hammy.   🙂   So, it can be done.

Yesterday, a new friend taught me a lot of tips to help improve my photography as well as took us to parts of the island where we had not been before.  Very enlightening.  We drove up to the top of the island.  Bottom line is that  I am on a journey of self discovery and self actualization and the course is providing a road map.  Keeping my purpose front and center along with sharing with my spouse are really helping since we are in this together.  New connections are forming, synapis are firing.  I continue to add new ideas, albeit some are crazy, to my phone note pad.  The point being, the brain is working more in line with what we are learning.  Still a ways to go but there is comfort knowing you are on the right road.  Much like the road to Hana it’s about the journey…  Along the way the colors and shapes are reminders.  Green from Aloha stadium, the circle of the sun  and moon as well as the color yellow.  The rolling greens of Kula to the sea blue ocean.  Even the red square blanket serves as constant reinforcements and reminders along the journey.



DSC07077 DSC07056 DSC07028 DSC07030 DSC06996 DSC06771


DSC07394  big wave


4 thoughts on “Week 11. The Aloha State of Mind continues and grows

  1. Burgess, I’ve taken the road to Hana. What a beautiful place! I hope you find a property that you like and enjoy the rest of you trip. Nice pictures! Thanks


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