Week 9.

There are laws and then there are Laws…. We are reminded this week of what we have learned and a new one, about growth.

Law of Forgiveness
Law of Substitution
Law of Relaxation
Law of Practice
Law of Dual Thought
Law of the Subconscious
Law of Growth

Simple in theory but hard to put into practice each an every day as a way of life. But the more I try the better person I will become. And as we see in paragraph 27. “Man is the sum total of his own thoughts; so the question is, how are we going to entertain only the good thoughts and reject the evil ones? ” How will I entertain only the good through, especially in this system of things in which we live?

Filling our subby with good things helps. I find myself however still reacting with the old blueprint that has been built up over so many years. It’s stubborn too. Oh so ingrained. I can bet that all of us in the program are in epic battles, some more than others.

A good thing is that my wife is now pointing out when I have a negative thought. Of course not always in the spirit of the course as spouses do but it’s a good reminder nonetheless. Makes me think and that is always a good step.

Giving to get, putting positive things out into the world. Letting people know you love them. Recently I have started to post more pictures on Facebook and Instagram showing love — people hugging, and so forth. Agape love. I do it to remind myself that I need to show love. Also it gets nice reactions and I hope that it is a break from the normal FB timeline rants that we all get.

I posted the laws this week as my own reminder of principles to follow. Daily strains of life can defocus us from what we need to do so I need reminders to help me stay the course.

I hav also found that I am sharing my DMP ;with others during the course of conversation. The movie trailer version. It’s a great reinforcement and reminder as well. Visualizing myself, my future self. Like the little train that could, I think I can, I think I can, I will to be.


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