Week 10. Aloha state of mind

Aloha. We are spending the next 12 days in Hawaii as we have for the past6 years. It’s great to be able to feel and touch part of my DMP TODAY! It’s like a remedy flowing through my veins. We stopped in Honolulu for a couple of days on the way over this time.

Had the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend and her husband. I shared my DMP movie trailer version with them. They are liked minded people and very supportive. In fact when we entered their house they spoke “when we move there.” Wow, to hear someone else express what you feel and believe unprompted.

So, as we begin our vacation I feel that I am continuing to lay seeds. Every where I go and with just about everyone I meet along the way I really work a connecting. For example. we took a Hawaii 5-O tour and stopped at McGarrett’s TV house. To make a long story short the owner of the house is a wedding planner. My old friend that I was going to see later that day has converted her home into a retreat for weddings of 25. A wonderful spot on the water. I immediately got their card and gave it to my friend later that night. It felt good to help two people make a connection–or least I led them in that direction. Bottom line, it just feels so rewarding to just do something good with no expectation of anything in return except that instant gratification of knowing that you did something for someone else. I live on that type of energy.

In the cab on the way beck to the hotel I engaged with the driver. Sure he drives a cab but really he would like to get back into video. I suggested that he get into 4k. We vibed about him getting a 4k camera and being the only, or on of the few wedding videographers shooting in 4k. I also suggested that he could look to get sponsors of his wedding videos. Perhaps Sony, Samsung or LG would want to sponsor and have their brand in each wedding video. The benefit to the bride and groom could be allowed cost video. If they didn’t want the product placement and branding the price would be higher. For the sponsor, these videos are now placed online to be seen by their friends for years to come. I could go on but I have to calm down. 🙂

A mondane taxi ride now became an enlightening session. I believe that we can get to our dream by helping other achieve theirs. Hopefully he will also pay it forward to someone else that he encounters.

So I will be using my Maui time to continue to read, refine and reinforce everything that we are learning. Look out Maui, I am coming….



4 thoughts on “Week 10. Aloha state of mind

  1. Love the view; fabulous! I spent many years by the ocean working (reasearch) on coral reefs and this view just takes me back to a sense of paradise — joy and peace all mixed together.. Love the way you have conneced with like minded people and can share you DMP readiliy; what a place to arive at. Best wishes. Anne


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