Marketing Ideas From the Bible…who knew.

I noticed these today and thought, “these make sense.” See what you think?

Create a core set of beliefs – develop a content strategy.
Use narrative to tell your brand story.
Create content that can inspire your customer base.
Don’t be afraid to be original with the content you create, the argument you make and the stories you tell.
Create different forms of content – long form, short form, video, music and images – multiple touch points for your customer base to engage with your brand.
Develop an expert to spread your brand message and to become a brand advocate.
Create a content calendar – key dates to inform your story.
Amplify your content message using all multiple platforms that are available – spread your message.
Place your content strategy at the heart of your organisation. It shouldn’t be the function of your marketing department; it should be the core of your company ethos.
Evangelise; practise what you preach – blog, guest post, social network and share.
From Dave Lovell is Publishing Director at Content Amp


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