Week 6. The Art of the Personal Movie Poster

Got my compass today.  Has a built in LED to boot.

Got my compass today. Has a built in LED to boot.

In a galaxy far, far away….

In a world….


Starring, yours truly.

Directed by, me, myself and I

Screen play by, guess who?

Produced by, my subby


In production now and coming to my theater of life in December 2016.

So this week the movie poster takes shape…in more ways than one.

This one brings me back to m childhood when my mom would pay me (not much) to draw posters for her Ebony Fashion Fair fashion show event. Those were my earliest moments with advertising. Fast-forward, I do marketing and advertising today.

Over the years I’ve heard of the whole dream board concept but never really thought about it. When Mark introduced the movie poster I could see how far advanced it is then a mere dream board. So I made my trip to Target to get my poster board thinking all the way how I was going to frame this out. Imagery, headlines, date math, etc.

I am still in process of making the board as I write my week 6 update. Doing it now however is kicking in strong. The course continues to bring things together in a way that converges, connects, builds and links in a way that leverage what we have been learning and using.

I heard a story on the radio today that really helped demonstrate the value of what we are doing. The headline of the story is that we have 45,000 negative thoughts a day. You an spend 40 days and with certain thoughts you can turn that around. We know that that’s only scratching the surface of the subby. I had to laugh and chuckle now that I know better.


The site brings out such novel thoughts like: “Nobody argued the fact that our thoughts affect our moods and our happiness, but what about our health and well-being?  Aren’t our thoughts purely mental?  How could they possibly affect the body?

So superficial. J But people eat this stuff up. The radio commentators were all chattering about how they were going to start tomorrow doing this. Wow. Goes to prove what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

My poster board, glue stick await my Google search for pictures.

Made another run to Target for my compass.  Haven’t had one of these  since my Boy Scout days.  North we go….


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