Week 5 In My Opinion…

As we embark on week 5 things are accelerating.  It’s a fast pace.  More to it than I imagined.  Guilt sets in when I don’t stick to my promises.  When it comes to the subby controlling what we do I must say that I have never let anything stop me from thinking that I could make something happen.  For the big things.  I am seeing, however, that building habits on the little things will be the foundation for achieving the bigger things.

I never realized how hard it can be to NOT give an opinion and how we can give opinions but so many non verbal means.  Wow.  This week, the 5th week we had to begin to not give our opinion.  I found myself catching myself, time and time again with an opinion on this and that and the other thing.  Mostly small things but opinions nonetheless. I have a long way to go but I am finding it liberating.

My wife is pleasantly amused and very happy to point out when I fall off the opinion wagon.  She smiles and can’t believe when I catch myself in the act.   I am sharing parts of the course with her so that she can feel some of the experience as I go through it.  It is actually helping that I share this with her because it helps reinforce what we are learning.  That said, I continue to struggle at times fitting everything into the day.  Work, faking leaves, etc.  🙂  But I see the benefit and importance.

We are about to start the next scroll just as the clocks go back.  I can really use that extra hour this weekend.  I can feel it now.

The Press Release for this week really took some thought.  Although it is more of an article and not a press release.  Coming up with the right creative vehicle was important to me to get my head into the setting.  I picked a Marketplace radio interview setting because it’s something that I listen to every day and I could pick up the right tone and manner and get into a flow.  Once I figured that out things came out nicely but I will admit that it was a struggle to get to that point.  It is still a rough, work in progress but I think it’s credible to the spirit of the assignment–at least I hope so.


3 thoughts on “Week 5 In My Opinion…

  1. I love the title haha.. I too have had a very hard time with opinions but I, like you, am really finding it liberating as I have become so much more aware as ever before. I look forward to the next scroll as I have completely memorized the first one 🙂 All the best to you!


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