Week 4. My Do It Now Journey

….Bad habits.

As I sit here in my dentist office at 7:00 AM I am thinking about where I am in the course. The dentist is a place we all love to hate but if we can get in the habit it’s a good thing. Of course you do need to have a good one. My fear of the dentist started when I was a small boy and had a tooth pulled. It was like a scene out of a horror story. The dentist literally put his whole hand over my face and he might as well have used pliers from a Craftsman toolkit. He later ran off with his administrative assistant. That memory has stuck in my brain all these years. Ten years ago I decided to try to change that. I still tremble but I go twice each year now.

The dentist is one bad habit I know of. Think of all the bad habits that we are not even aware of that hinder our personal progress and block us from our dreams?

As as we move through week 4 I am seeing how the Master Keys is beginning to come together.  Of course there is much more to come.   Our theme of quitting is appripo.  So choosing to quit quitting is where I want to be.  I would love to report it’s as simple as making the declaration–not.  It’s a struggle every minute of the day.  There are so many distractions or things that trigger our  subconscious to go down our old path.  We are changing years of subby training.

So my hygienist tells me that my investment in an electric toothbrush is paying off.  My flossing  could be better.  :-). Like our MKMMA exercises they work but it’s work.  And yes there are lots of distractions.

So, as with my dental journey I will not quit.  This morning I was thinking that many of the tools in the dental industry are essentially the same as 50 years ago just like the themes and methods and knowledge we are learning in GS and Master Keys.  Methods that are tried and true.

I will, however  strike out ‘will’ from my DMP, GS scroll 1 and be proactive.  I will is now — “I do it now.”

My do it now journey continues…





7 thoughts on “Week 4. My Do It Now Journey

  1. Hi Burgess,
    Yours is the third blog I’ve read talking about change and how it’s starting to happen. I think I see a tend here. Here’s a thought, if we are all changing are we changing in the same direction and in separate directions? Where will we end up? Something to think about.


    • I would like o think that the change is for good and if we are in harmony then the trend for those in the course would be in similar directions albeit coming from various points and positions. Following our respective compasses. 🙂 Thank you for your thought provoking comment. I appreciate it and you taking time to visit my blog and comment.


  2. Burgess,
    I think it’s hilarious that you’re comparing dentist visits with our MKMMA experience. Well done. Nice points. I’ve had some dentists who were butchers, including one who actually did off himself with nitrous oxide – just like in the movies, poor guy. But I’ve also had so much dental, periodontal, oral and maxiofacial surgery done that mostly I just tune out and go to my happy, quiet place while they file, dig, drill, buzz, polish away.
    However, for sure I’m not wanting to duck out during the MKMMA process – don’t want to miss a moment of it.


  3. That’s a traumatic story of your dentist and how it created fear, It is so true that we go through life and we experience one bad thing and forever we assume anything related is bad, however this is not the case.

    This journey is a challenge, it’s a challenge to ourselves to re-create our habits and eliminate these bad habits and replace them with good habits.

    Some days quitting would be easier, however that will put us right back in the place we started so we will fight for our freedom and we will never quit trying until we finish this journey we started.

    Have a great day.

    Take Care.. Brodi




    • Yes it was traumatic. Seeing my dentist today still conjures up those thoughts and memories although things are far better. Reminds me of how we have to change our thought patterns and retrain our brains to look at things differently and use new pathways to address problems and challenges. All of that change can be likened to pulling teeth so to speak. But we will get there and with our collective support we will help each other make it through. Mahalo.

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  4. Great Blog Burgess, I like “So choosing to quit quitting is where I want to be”. I agree. Oh, and I’m having substantial dental work done as well although I’ve got a great team of dentists that really know what they’re doing. Whew! Do it now, Do it now, Do it now, Have a successful and enjoyable week!


  5. Burgess, your willingness to continue forward in both your dental visits as well as in your Master Key journey are outstanding. Each moment you make those choices to DO IT NOW! that cement cracks and crumbles more and more. We BELIEVE in you!

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