Week 3 Red Moon Rising

Reading the blogs of other MKMMAers is very helpful and enlightening and much appreciated. Thank you to those who are reading and commenting on mine. I am learning a great deal just from the journey of others. But you have to give to get. I hope that my comments are helpful as well.

This week I keep up the good fight. Sometimes I feel below the water of life but I think about what I am learning and the impact is is having and will have and it helps to float my boat so to speak. On my third draft of my DMP with my PPN’s. Also working on tightening up the word count too since I know that is coming so might as well get a jump on it. Trying to edit so I am clear–to me. I think I have to information but I want to include more enthusiasm, feeling and emotion without adding too many words.

I will read my draft DMP to my wife soon now that it is getting in better shape since she has a share in this as well. It will be interesting to see her reaction and get her input. I recorded myself last night to see/hear how I sound. Blah actually. I have to step it up 10 notches or more. I play the recording back as well. Just another way to help reinforce what goes into the subby.

We all want to hold onto our old habits because that’s what we know. In fact we don’t even realize that we are holding onto things. This course is helping me to see that clearer now. But, still so much more to see and uncover. Peeling back the onion on the sub conscience…wow…who would have thought.

So the Red Moon was last week.  I saw it on the drive into work.  I appears so infrequently that you have to grab the opportunity when it comes around.  I am hoping that what I learn will prepare me to not just grab the opportunities that are all around us but to create them.  Seizing the moment is one thing but making your own is quite another.  How liberating that will be.  Oops, I used the word, “will.”  …how liberating that is.  🙂  I am catching things in speech, writing and actions that I never saw before.  That’s great but I need to keep putting it together, linking it all to harness  the full impact.  for the first time I embraced recognition and my need for it.  Not fame but just to be heard, understood and appreciated…and not being afraid to want that for myself because I had earned it.  That was eye opening for me.  I look forward to many more eye openers.  Red moons and all.

More later.


9 thoughts on “Week 3 Red Moon Rising

  1. Hey Burgess,
    Hear yourself ROAR! Self-discovery is a wonderful sometimes scary experience. Maybe the red moon helps bring out passionate expression? Sounds to me like you came to a pretty major realization this week, that you are OK with wanting/needing recognition. Awesome. Howl and roar, my friend. Feel your power and share it.


  2. Hi Burgess,
    Like your comment about the 3rd rewrite of your DMP. I also sent my 3rd one off this week. Also your comment on the word ‘will”. Have you noticed any difference in reading the scrolls and dropping the word? I was really surprised how it brought the ideas much more to the present moment.


  3. Hello Burgess,
    You are not alone in feeling “Below The Water”. I really feel is like being in a Rip at the beach. We swim with it and go across, not against it. You are doing great.


  4. Loved this blog Burgess. Glad you caught the “will”….but check this out. “I am hoping that what I learn will prepare me to not just grab the opportunities….” That’s what you wrote…and you noticed the “will” as I mentioned. But “hoping” is not a strategy…and “not” is negative….so wouldn’t it sound better to say, “What I learn prepares me to grab opportunities…..” ?? You’re picking them up and noticing more. Soon they will hit you like the Red Moon did. Or as Dino sang, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie….that’s Amore!”


  5. Hello Burgess, I enjoyed reading your blog for week 3! I really appreciated your idea of recording your DNP. Great idea! Thanks! I’m having real challenges keeping up with all these multiple assignments but I continue to move forward. I’ve never blogged before so everything requires a lot of concentration and patience.
    My partner Kathleen and I got up at 5 am to view the red moon as well. On my way to her house to pick her up I could view it but by the time we got in her 1976 Triumph TR6 with the top down (a bit chilly) we ran into a fog bank and never found our way out of it. Oh well, there are several more happening within the next year. Here’s a link to check what up for the rest of 2014 and 2015!

    Dates of lunar and solar eclipses in 2014 and 2015

    If you missed the eclipse, here’s what’s ahead.

    I hope that is helpful. Oh and I’m so glad you wife is sharing with you as well in this life changing experience. That has to be helpful. More to come! Enjoy!


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