Week 2 MKMMA DMP & PPN, the most powerful acronyms I have met in a long time…

Diving in head first into the program.  Truth be told I am finding it hard to balance work, life, etc.  That said, I am plugging away. I am on my next iteration of my DMP.  I jumped the gun and sent in my second version before the Week 2 Sunday session.  Even in draft form I have begun reading it out loud.  That’s new for me.  Seems foreign but I am getting it.  I actually tried to read it aloud in the hot tub the other night–and it was night.  Had a flashlight with me.  🙂

Writing it was truly illuminating as I had to think about my life, future, goals, what I really want, who I really am, etc.  My guides age me some really good feedback which I have incorporated into my next update.  I can see that the process is just as important as the final product.  I am learning more and more about myself with each step in the process.

Here is a picture of my MKMMA stuff.  I had a 20 year old copy of the Greatest Salesman already before the class started so I just had to get another.  You can see the difference.  Got lots of 3×5 cards.  My problem is that I write big and I can’t get everything on one line.  🙂

As a person with a hyper active system, trying to sit still for any period of time can be a challenge.  Now learning to close out all thought is mind boggling for someone like me.  But try we must.  You see I have ideas firing through y head every second of the day.  How can this be better, how to be more efficient.  How to solve xyz problem, etc.  The list goes on and on so sitting still with no thoughts–mind blowing if I can do it.

I made note this week that I quickly went out and completed my promise that I put only card this week.  It was actually amazing how I felt that I had competed this very simple and mundane task that I had been putting off for weeks.  It was simple, go out and get salt for the water softener.  I would even walk past the bags of salt in the store and not pick one up.  Putting it down on the 3×5 card in the manner in which we did and seeing it before me with my personal commitment in writing to get it done really weighed on my mind to the point that I just had to get it done right away.  And I did.

Off to continue with this week’s assignments.  Please excuse any typos in my blog.  I am the king of typos. 🙂


Resubmitted my DMP v2 with my PPN.  The feedback from my first submission was very helpful and directional.  That said, they really make you think.  Words are easy but getting the right words  to convey the appropriate meaning is hard.  Can’t wait to see what the final version looks like in 24 more weeks.  A trip of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

The journey continues…


8 thoughts on “Week 2 MKMMA DMP & PPN, the most powerful acronyms I have met in a long time…

  1. Finding balance in life is a skill that is a challenge but MKMMA will help us find that balance.
    I too am the greatest reviewer of my texts, emails and blogs after I press the send button.
    Your are right it is a step by step process….great success on your journey!


  2. I understand what you mean when you say that getting the right words for the appropriate meaning is hard, I feel exactly the same way. BTW, I say a blue rectangle in your picture 🙂

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  3. Hey Burgess, Good point about taking one tiny task at a time. Otherwise so easy to get either get into overwhelm mode or just blither around and press forward with no concrete action. Got that latter t-shirt here, for sure. One lesson I keep learning in various contexts is it takes longer to write less. Carving away the superflous, dicing the redundant, and deleting the resistance is helpful in finding our crystal clear most power DMPs. Enjoying the process along with you. Cheers, Bruce


    • I learned about tiny tasks when during a time in my life I didn’t have anything. Nada, nothing. What go me through was focusing on one small thing, whatever that was, that brought me joy. Could be the sunrise or sunset, anything. Often the smallest things can bring us the most joy. Don’t get me wrong, this is hard to do when tines are better and we have so much abundance as well as so many things coming at us demanding of our time.

      Being in marketing we often spend a great deal of time working on the right word or phrase. How to communicate in 30 second ads or 140 characters. Tightening up my DMP I find is even a bit harder because it is important and personal. But we will get there…. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts.


  4. Congratulations on getting your procrastination out of the way like you did. looks like you are getting the organising worked out. Way to go!


  5. Burgess, we’re certainly similar. I’ve been in my hot tub as well as using a flashlight to read. When I’m driving with my partner, Kathleen, we are reading out loud to each other to try and get all the assignments completed. Day or night we read, A daunting task it is. Having a type A personality presents a challenge at the “Sits” as well. Not thinking! Are you kidding. I’m biting off one little bit at a time and learning not to chastise myself for not getting everything completed. Just trying to get better at “Organized Planning” every day.


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