Week 1 MKMMA The Right Time is Right Now

It’s midnight and I am sitting in a room on the 24th floor of the Hyatt lovely Rochester, NY on a business trip entering my first blog post for the MKMMA class–week 1.  I am thinking to myself, is this the right time for me to do this?  What have I got myself into?  I work from 7AM to 6PM and then do work at tight.  I am helping my wonderful wife go from being an employee to renting her own space as an esthetician and working for herself and my faith has it’s own workload.  ARRRRAGGGJHHH!!!!  I embarked on this and accepted the challenge because there is never a good time–never.  When do I put true effort into making myself a better person, a better spouse, a better employee a better friend–plain and simple a better person.  Reminds me of what I said to my wife when we were married–that she made me a better man.  So will MKMMA.

I’m not sure what is right or what is wrong but sometimes you just have to step out in faith.  I am not sure of what will happen, how it will happen and when but I do know that when I look back 26 weeks from now there will be change from the inside…and that my friends is what keeps me going.  Just like my trips to Maui over the last 5 years keep me going each year.  The anticipation of two weeks in paradise is motivation to keep going.

I took a stab at the first draft of my DMP.  92 words.  Is it any good?  I have no idea but I will soon find out.  Can’t wait to see if I am even in the ballpark.

So follow me if you will, on this journey of self discovery, anticipation, desire for change of my subconscience. It probably won’t be pretty or perfect but you know what?  That’s alright because it will be perfect for me.  So it’s off to do my assignments and end the day with The Greatest Salesman….  Mahalo


2 thoughts on “Week 1 MKMMA The Right Time is Right Now

  1. Hey Burgess,

    Good for you, man! All of it. Making the time when there is no time, focusing on helping another, your humbleness and readiness for self-growth. I spent way too many nights in fancy hotel rooms away from my wife and family, it’s cool you’re able to use some of that time in service of your wife’s emancipation from the world of employeedom.

    I dunno if 92 words is the magic number. It’s always hard for me to write less. I dashed off over 500 words right after the first Sunday Webinar and then had to cut and slash to get it under 400. Still came back from my guide with the direction to cut more out to make room for more emotion and stuff. Rather than immediately send it back (last week) I decided to get thru the second Webinar to see what needed to be added and then let stuff sink in before submitting my second effort.




  2. Hi Burgess, I’m impressed you have a blog for the second week done already. I think anything you throw over the wall on a DMP is a good start. What’s your dream? Of the several blogs I’ve looked at I think we are all in comparable states. Keep plugging away, you’ll get there.


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